What is Wrong with the Personal Training Industry?

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Most personal trainers today are the result of the Health Club Craze back in the early 70’s. Health Clubs were sprouting up everywhere and the competition became so fierce within the industry that clubs were looking for any advantage or service offering that was better than the next. Some health clubs saw the marketability in hiring personal trainers to work with their members. Once other clubs caught on, they did the same. Eventually, just about every health club had personal trainers wandering their floors aimlessly, looking for new clients to help.

At the time, becoming a personal trainer could be as simple as completing a weekend course for $50.00 and taking an exam. Health clubs knew this, and as a result, offered personal training for $20.00/hour, offered discounted package rates, and some even offered it for free!

Herein lays the problem. Today, there are many highly skilled, experienced, professional personal trainers offering their services for up to $200.00 per hour. However; there are many more personal trainers who have the “Old Health Club Mentality”, in that they believe they aren’t worth what they really are. I see personal trainers all the time, offering discount package rates, (charging less money per session if you buy more sessions). This is what is compromising the industry. A true personal trainer is a fitness professional who utilizes his/her experience, knowledge and qualifications to provide instruction, motivation, and support to clients who need to become physically healthier, or need to recover from illness, surgery or any other health related situation.

Personal trainers should not compromise. Do Doctors, lawyers, or other professionals compromise? Of course not. Until personal trainers stand up for themselves and believe that their job, experience and knowledge is worth what it truly is, the industry will continue to lack the credibility it so desperately needs.

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