The Benefits of Looking After Your Workplace With Vaccinations

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A responsible company and their management team will have the best interest of its employees at heart because healthy, happy employees are the backbone of every successful business.

There has been lots of controversy over flu vaccinations and most of this is myth and misinformation from people who do not bother to find out the facts. It has constantly been shown that having a workforce that is vaccinated reduces the downtime of any business and therefore increases profitability.


  • By encouraging a healthy and more productive workplace you are investing in your employees and at the same time your business
  • You and your employees will benefit from a reduction in lost work days so increased income
  • Your other employees will not have to work harder to compensate for absent workmates because of the flu or other illnesses so your staff will be happier
  • Offering vaccinations during work time shows that you are committed to the wellbeing of your employees
  • You will have an improved business reputation, because your business is stable
  • If your employees travel to other states or countries is estimated that 50% of them will experience some health issues. Being vaccinated can dramatically decrease their chances of becoming ill while traveling. Routine vaccinations should be carried out every year to ensure they are properly covered
  • Many diseases that have been eliminated, are still present in many other countries and international travelers are at greater risk because they have no natural immunity in foreign lands
  • Offering educational programs to employees so they are aware of the benefits to themselves and their families is a good business strategy. Once you have them interested offer their immediate family vaccinations
  • Flu vaccinations can help stop the spread of the flu, which is easily transmitted in a family settings
  • Encourage healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle with all your employees

Arrange events to help encourage their healthy lifestyle, such as:


  1. Have walking staff and company meeting where the whole meeting walks together in outside
  2. Install employee showers and a mini gym at work or make a place where employees can keep their bike if they ride to work
  3. Create a lunch time exercise group
  4. Organise fun runs and competitions with other businesses

Have a healthy staff Cafeteria


  1. Provide healthy cafeteria meals
  2. Only have healthy snacks available in vending machines
  3. Provide a staff kitchen where your employees can cook their own healthy meals

Encourage proper hygiene and ensure there is always proper garbage bins available as well as having the rest rooms regularly cleaned and maintained.

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