Joel Lavine MD is Proud Pharma Consultants Helped With Groundbreaking Covid-19 Vaccine Development

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Joel Lavine MD, of Columbia saw the crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an all-hands-on-deck situation for the medical community. Clinical providers at all levels have stepped up throughout the crisis, and even some medical school students were even called into clinical care during the worst surges. Joel Lavine MD, of Columbia saw the crisis firsthand in New York City.

Behind the scenes, researchers too immediately got to work in their laboratories. They managed to develop new mRNA vaccines in record time, thanks to advanced research, unceasing efforts and the help of others. Some of the other people that aided researchers in the Covid-19 vaccine development were pharmaceutical consultants.

Pharma Consultants Have Specialized Expertise

Pharmaceutical consultants have a unique place within the healthcare community, as they often bridge the gap between clinical care and research.

Most pharma consultants have both M.D. and Ph.D. degrees, and their careers often involve working in multiple settings. It’s not uncommon for pharmaceutical researchers to draw on the expertise of consultants who teach and treat, and assist with research projects in their specialty when assistance is needed.

For example, Joel Lavine MD is a typical pharma consultant with a clinical M.D. degree and a research-focused Ph.D. He also teaches, helping students learn how to care for patients, while simultaneously remaining involved in research.

Consultants Assisted With Vaccine Development

Pharmaceutical consultants weren’t necessarily the ones who dedicated themselves to literal around-the-clock lab research at times. Lab researchers were in regular contact with consultants as they developed the new vaccine, however.

Consultants were able to share expertise on mRNA vaccine development, Covid-19 and other issues that had to be addressed as the vaccine was created.

Dr. Joel Lavine is Proud Consultants Assisted

Dr. Joel Lavine doesn’t pretend that consultants were the first-line heroes who have been personally at risk while fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. He is, however, proud that consultants had a role in helping develop the vaccines that will hopefully end this medical crisis.

Everyone within the medical community had a role to play throughout the pandemic. Dr. Joel Lavine MD is glad that pharma consultants could use their expertise to help.

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