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How Do You Overcome? How do you overcome 1,300 wpm (words per minute) of negative self-talk? “Maybe, my negative self-talk isn’t that bad? How would I know?” Look at your life. Have you created the life you have dreamed of? Have you become the person you would like to be? Have you found the talents within you that make you happy and lose all track of time?

If the answer to any of these is, “No”, one of the reasons is negative self-talk. How do you overcome memories and subconscious judgments you don’t even know you have made? “How do I know, I have those?”

Look at your life.

How do you counteract the skeptics, critics and for-your-own-do-gooders who incessantly barrage you with “You can’t change.” “Why do you want to change” and “That’s not possible.”? “Most of us have got those. You don’t need to look very far at all.” “But my life’s kind of busy right now. Can’t I do something later?” According to statistics we will have another year of Stress that is created from our incorrect beliefs. ‘Take this problem out 10 more years, and there are ‘Millions of baby boomers that won’t be able to retire because they’re carrying too much debt and stress. At that point, there isn’t enough in the 401(k) and medical insurers will cancel their insurance when they turn 65.

It’s a perfect storm. There’s not enough money for retirement, too much debt, no medical insurance and they’re out of time, financially. Well maybe not! That appears to describe a lot of people today. Where is your crossroad? How strong are your BELIEFS? Any small thread of doubt and your belief will not manifest. Would you like to breakthrough your Health and Wealth barriers and finally enjoy a Stress free life that you crave.

But How?”

Either you take control of your life or events will take control of you. One of the first things you must do is take a sheet of paper and write down every negative thing that is bothering you, make sure it is complete and there are no exceptions or exemptions, then find a safe place where you can set it on fire and watch it totally burn. Throw any ashes away. Now have FAITH and BELIEF that those problems have gone up in flame and disappearing out of your life. This uncovers an awesome truth that your stress is now behind you. “Let It Go.”

You have miracles inside of you. Some are small. Some are beyond your imagination. Discover that releasing stress created blocks create a sense of abundance in our lives. With this new found peace, financial change follows. You can counteract and reverse the effects of stress that have kept your health and financial world strung out and self-defeating. The subconscious mind holds the KEY to everything. It is where the power lies. This power can be used for outrageous accomplishments or dismal failure… for perfect health or sickness … outrageous wealth or poverty… fear or peace of mind … You get to decide.

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